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Advisor :   Christine Adams
Phone: 407-746-3443
Room: 8-224 

Editor In-Chief:
Melyssa Douillard

Sports Editor: Diamond Reed 

People Editor:

Club Editors: Amandili Cordero 

Business Editors:
Photographer/Photo Editor:

Senior Salutation Editors:

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Senior Photos:

Seniors need to be taking their pictures at Dean Stewart Photography for the yearbook. These must be taken by October 30th. They will need to schedule an appt. for this. The Studio is located at: Longwood Studio 556 Florida Central Pkwy, Longwood FL 32750. and the phone number is: 1-800-330-8429

The website is:

  • Yearbooks are currently on sale for 75 dollars until September 30th. The price will increase as the year goes on so be sure to buy now. A Holiday mail out will be going out the week of Thanksgiving with a last chance to get the book for $80.00.  After the 1st of the year books will be $85.00.
    1. If your name is misspelled in the yearbook, please accept our sincere apologies, there will be no discounts or refunds in this event.
    2. Senior Salutations: If a senior’s name is misspelled in the advertising section, the senior will receive a free yearbook for compensation. If there are any other discrepancies, there will be no refunds of any kind.
    3. If the book is damaged in any way, a new book will be issued on the condition that there is no writing or markings of any kind in the or on the yearbook.
    4. If your student picture does not appear in the book, there will be no refunds.
    5. We are very concerned with the satisfaction of our readers; therefore i f you have a complaint or suggestion for next year’s book, submit your comments in writing and send via mail to Lake Brantley High School with attention to the Yearbook Staff. (We accept compliments as well!) Please leave a contact number or address so that we may get back to you.
    6. In the event that a book is stolen, the yearbook staff is not responsible. We will not refund any money or issue a new book in this matter. For more information, e-mail Christine Adams.


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    Senior Salutations Form

    Congratulations! Your little boy or girl is finally all grown up and only has one year left of high school.  We know it’s tough to see your son or daughter grow up, leave home and get into the real world.  So, we came up with a way for you to say good-bye and congratulate your senior on his or her achievement in a way that can be remembered for the rest of his or her life.  You can do this by sending the yearbook staff a professional picture of your son or daughter and some words of love, encouragement and wisdom from you and your family

    *All senior salutations can not be more than 100 words please!

    To reserve a spot in the yearbook the cost will be:

    Quarter page          $150, if late $200        1-2 Pictures

    Half page               $275, if late $325        2-4 Pictures

    Full page                $500, if late $550        4-8 Pictures

    Your child may bring in the salutation to the senior salutations editor Melyssa Douillard or the yearbook adviser, Mrs. Adams in room 8-224. They may also be e-mailed to the address below prior to Friday, December 2nd, 2016.  We will accept salutations late, but there is a $50 late fee.  You may email your message and pictures to, but the form and money must be turned into the school or mailed in prior to doing so. Remember, senior salutations are a great way to say farewell to your senior.  Also, you may purchase a yearbook for $70 with the purchase of a senior salutation. You can also purchase a yearbook online at


    Thank you,                                                                                               
    There is so much about you that
    makes us smile, but mostly we love your selflessness, sense of humor and dedication to family.
    Now you’re on your way to college and although we will miss you, we love you and we  will always be here for you.  Love, Dad, , Mom Jack and Katie

    Patriots’ Pride Yearbook Staff                                              

            Riley Ward        (407) 286-9873

    Ana De Arrigoitia (407) 280-4001

    LBHS-Patriots’ Pride                                                                                         

    991 Sand Lake Road                                                           

    Altamonte Springs, Fl 32714                                                                    


    Attn: Christie Adams                                                                   


    Student Name: _________________________________________________________


    Parent Name: __________________________________________________________


    Daytime Phone: ________________________________________________________


    *Please attach your message of 100 words or less and your professional photograph!


    Parent Signature: _______________________________________________________

    *By signing above you acknowledge that the yearbook is a student produced and published work, and that any errors in publishing are not intentional.  Furthermore, you will not hold the Patriots’ Pride Staff responsible for misprints.


    Para más información en Español, por favor contactar a Ana De Arrigoitia.