Career Dual Enrollment Courses

Criminal Justice

CCJ 1020  Introduction to Criminal Justice

CJE 1640  Introduction to CSI


CCJ 1010  Introduction to Criminology

DSC 1002 Iintroduction to Terrorism




BUL 2241 Business Law

GEB 2112 Intro to Business


MAR2011 Marketing

FIN 2100 Personal Finance


Pharmacy Tech


PTN 1001 Intro. to Pharmacy Tech

CGS2100C Office Applications


PTN1743C Pharmacy Operations

HIM1453 Anatomy & Physiology

Follow these simple steps....

Please Click Here to be redirected to Seminole County Public Schools Dual Enrollment Procedures.

Seminole State College
has provided very concise information on how to Dual Enroll at any of its campus locations.

Click Here to be redirected to the link that will guide you through the Seminole State College process.

But wait, there's more....

Once the Dual Enrollment application and all testing details have been satisfied students must then bring a completed book form and registration form to any Seminole State Admissions Office during the registration times for each semester. Please be advised: Book forms must be completed online. Be sure to go to to determine the cost of each book for every course you have requested. Then, it is your responsibility to print out the book form and bring it to Dr. Trent Daniel, Principal, Lake Brantley High School.  Dr. Daniel must sign the form for your Dual Enrollment process to be be considered official and complete.

For your convenience you may complete the book form here.

Book(s) must be returned to Lake Brantley on the designated day/times or you will be responsible to return the book(s) to SCPS in Sanford, Florida.

Here is a handy link to Seminole County Public Schools Guidelines for Dual Enrollment.