Our Mission

The mission of Lake Brantley High School is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in adult life.


Should I take an AP course and risk getting a lower grade?
The grade you receive may be as good or better than one you would have earned in an honors course, because the weight given to grades in AP courses compensates for the increased difficulty. Secondly, colleges know that all courses are not equal. Their evaluation of student grades focuses as much on the quality of the courses as the grades received. Finally, an AP course gives you an opportunity to learn a subject in great depth and helps you develop skills that will be critically important to successful study in college.

What do I need to succeed in AP?
You need to be willing and able. "Willing" mean motivated to study and learn on the college level. If you are committed to participating actively in an AP class and doing the out-of-class assignments, you have met a major prerequisite for success.


Parents and Students are invited to attend our PSAT/AP Information Night on Thursday January 25th at 6:00 PM in our Auditorium.  During this informative evening you will learn about how to interpret the PSAT results and all about our Advanced Placement program here at Lake Brantley.  Parents and students will also have the opportunity to meet our AP teachers and see what our courses are all about.  The presentation begins promptly at 6:00 PM so be sure to come early so you don't miss any important information.  This event is open to our current students and parents as well as our incoming freshman for the 2018-2019 school year.  

If you want the view the AP presentation please Click here .
If you want to view the PSAT presentation please click on the link here:  2018 PSAT Score Review Information.pdf

Freshmen Capstone AP

Virtual AP Students

If you are currently taking an AP Course on virtual school please note thayou must submit the AP Exam order form to Mrs. Baker in Bldg 7 Guidance.  Contact your AP Virtual School teacher for the form.  This form is due by February 9.  This only for AP courses taken through Virtual School.

2018 AP Exam Schedule

To view the 2018 AP Exam Schedule with testing locations please click on this link: AP Exam Schedule May 2018 - AP Exam Schedule.pdf                                     
Most of the exams are given in our Gym or the Community Room (Comm. Rm) with the exception of our world language and music exams.

AP Exams Schedule UPDATE 03/14/2018
Monday May 7th
8am- Chemistry (Comm. Room), Spanish Lit (6-121)
12 noon-  Psychology (GYM)

Tuesday May 8th
8am- Spanish Language and Culture (Bldg 7 Lab)
8am- Seminar (Comm. Room)
12 noon- Art History, Physics 1: Algebra-Based

Wednesday May 9th
8am- English Literature and Composition (Gym)
12 noon-Physics 2: Algebra-Based (Comm. Room)

Thursday May 10th
8am - United States Government and Politics (GYM)
12noon-  Environmental Science (Comm. Room) 

Friday May 11th 
8am - German Literature and Culture (Bldg 7 Lab)
8am- United State History (Comm. Room)
12noon- Computer Science (GYM)

3:00Pm Studio Art (online Submission) 

Monday May 14th
8am Biology (GYM)

8am Music Theory (Band RM) 

Tuesday May 15th 
8am - Calculus AB, Calculus BC (GYM)
12noon- French Literature and Culture (Bldg 7 Lab)
12 noon- Computer Science A (Comm. Room)

Wednesday May 16th
8am - English Language and Composition (Gym)
12noon- Macroeconomics (Gym)


Thursday May 17th 
8am- Comparative Government and Politics (Gym)
8am World History (Gym)
12noon- Statistics (Gym)


Friday May 18th
8am- Human Geography (Gym)
8am Microeconomics (Comm. Room)
12 noon- Latin, European History (Comm. Room) 

Studio Art - Last day for Coordinators to submit digital portfolios (by 8PM EDT) and to gather 2-Design and drawing students for physical portfolio assembly. Teachers should have forward students' digital portfolios to coordinators before this date.


Offering more than 30 courses, the College Board’s Advanced Placement program enables students to pursue college-level studies — with the opportunity to earn ...


Two students share their thoughts on the benefits of AP Capstone – two new courses created by the Advanced Placement Program. Srimayi Tenali, a junior at Wes...


 Advanced Placement

Represents college level academic challenges. AP classes are college level courses offered in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Computer Science, Art and Music. Colleges recognize that the applicants with AP experience are much better prepared for the demands of college courses.

Advanced Placement Advantages:

  • Excellent preparation for college success
  • Admission to competitive universities
  • Earn college credits

Testing Rules


1) Arrive on time: AM Check-in is 7:15 – 7:30am; PM Check-in is 11:15 – 11:30am. No one admitted after check in time.


3) Bring AP Student Pack.

4) Bring 2 number 2 pencils and 2 blue or black ink pens.

5) If you have two exams in one day, bring ‘easy to eat’ lunch.

6) LBHS school code is 100466.

7) IMPORTANT: Do NOT bring the following into the exam room:

a. Cell phones of any type, MP3 Players, or any electronic or communication devices; no ear buds

b. Books, dictionaries, highlighters, notes or mechanical/colored pencils

c. Tablets, computers, Rulers or straightedges

d. Purse, backpack

e. Calculators – only for AP Calc, Chem, Stats, Phys

f. Watches that make noise or transmits information. Watches that tell time only are ok.

Advanced Placement Courses




English Language & Composition
(10 & 11)
English Literature & Composition (12)
Statistics (11 & 12)
Calculus AB (11 & 12)
Calculus BC (12)


Social Studies

Biology (9- 12)
Chemistry (10 & 12)
Physics I (11 & 12)
Physics 2 (11 &12)
Physics C: Mechanics (12)
Physics C:Electricity & Magnetism (11 &12)
Environmental Science (11 & 12)
World History (10-12)
American History (11-12)
Macroeconomics (12)
Microeconomics (12)
American Government (12)
Human Geography
(11 & 12)
Psychology (10 & 12)
European History
Comparative Government

Foreign Languages


Spanish Language (10 - 12)
Spanish Literature (11 & 12)
Art 2D Design Portfolio (11 & 12)
Art Drawing Portfolio (11 & 12)
Studio Art 3D (11 & 12)
Art History (11 & 12)


Computer Science

Music Theory (9-12) Computer Science A 
Computer Science Principles