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=== All-in-One Event Calendar === Contributors: hubrik, vtowel, yani.iliev, nicolapeluchetti, jbutkus, lpawlik, bangelov Tags: calendar, events, ics, ics feed, wordpress ical importer, google calendar, ical, iCalendar, all-in-one, events sync, events widget, calendar widget Requires WordPress at least: 3.5 Tested up to: 4.3 Stable tag: 2.3.2 License: GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0) A calendar system with many views, upcoming events widget, color-coded categories, recurrence, and import/export of .ics feeds. == Description == The [All-in-One Event Calendar](http://time.ly/) from [Timely](http://time.ly/) is a beautiful way to list your events in WordPress and easily share them with the rest of the world. Our calendar system combines clean visual design with a powerful set of features to create the most advanced calendar system available for WordPress. = Get Add-ons = Download add-ons at [time.ly](http://time.ly) to get more features, like [Extended Views](https://time.ly/downloads/extended-views/), [Frontend Submission form](https://time.ly/downloads/front-end-event-form/), [SuperWidget](https://time.ly/downloads/superwidget/), [Venues](https://time.ly/downloads/venues/), [Twitter integration](https://time.ly/downloads/twitter/) and [more](https://time.ly/wordpress-calendar-plugin/addons/). = Import and Export Events = Timely offers full ics/ical support. You can import events from other calendars and offer users the ability to subscribe to your calendar. Importing and exporting iCalendar (.ics) feeds is one of the strongest features of the All-in-One Event Calendar system. Enter an event on one site and you can have it appear automatically in another website's calendar. You can even send events from a specific category or tag (or combination of categories and tags). = Even More Features = This plugin has many features we hope will prove useful to users, including: * **Recurring** events including complex patterns. * **Filtering** by event category or tag. * Easy **sharing** with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook and any other system that accepts iCalendar (.ics) feeds. * Embedded **Google Maps**. * **Color-coded** events based on category. * Featured **event images** and **category images**. * **Month**, **week**, **day**, **agenda**, and **posterboard** views. * **Upcoming Events** widget. * Direct links to **filtered calendar views**. * **Theme** options to customize your calendar appearence. * Inline **Calendar Theme editor**. * Import other calendars automatically to display in your calendar. * Categorize and tag imported calendar feeds automatically. * Plugin can also be easily imported. * Each event is SEO-optimized. * Each event links to the original calendar. * Your calendar can be embedded into a WordPress page without needing to create template files or modify the theme. = Languages = Timely is supported by a committed group of translators offering [languages files](http://translate.time.ly/) in numerous languages including: * German * French * Russian * Italian * Dutch * Japanese * Portuguese * Swedish * Polish * Danish * Spanish * Bulgarian * Greek * Hungarian * Latvian You can help translate by going to [translate.time.ly](http://translate.time.ly). = Become the Hub of your community = If your goal is to run a community event calendar, Timely's All-in-one Event Calendar has everything you'll need. https://vimeo.com/135004810 = Helpful Links = * [**Access our User Guide**](http://time.ly/document/user-guide/). * [**Visit our Community Forums**](https://time.ly/forums/). == Frequently Asked Questions == [**Learn more with our detailed documentation »**](http://time.ly/support/) = Shortcodes = * Monthly view: **[ai1ec view="monthly"]** * Weekly view: **[ai1ec view="weekly"]** * Agenda view: **[ai1ec view="agenda"]** * Posterboard view: **[ai1ec view="posterboard"]** * Default view as per settings: **[ai1ec]** * Filter by event category name: **[ai1ec cat_name="Holidays"]** * Filter by event category names (separate names by comma): **[ai1ec cat_name="Lunar Cycles,zodia-date-ranges"]** * Filter by event category id: **[ai1ec cat_id="1"]** * Filter by event category ids (separate IDs by comma): **[ai1ec cat_id="1, 2"]** * Filter by event tag name: **[ai1ec tag_name="tips-and-tricks"]** * Filter by event tag names (separate names by comma): **[ai1ec tag_name="creative writing,performing arts"]** * Filter by event tag id: **[ai1ec tag_id="1"]** * Filter by event tag ids (separate IDs by comma): **[ai1ec tag_id="1, 2"]** * Filter by post id: **[ai1ec post_id="1"]** * Filter by post ids (separate IDs by comma): **[ai1ec post_id="1, 2"]** == Changelog == = Version 2.3.2 = * Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 4.3 = Version 2.3.1 = * Fixing piece of code that was incompatible with PHP versions prior to 5.3 while we strive to provide good experience to all WordPress users = Version 2.3.0 = * Some custom recurrence rules (having multiple definitions) weren't correctly processed * Sometimes links to other dates weren't showing on Agenda view * Edits to a recurring event would fail to save * Settings page would fail to load in rare circumstances * Updates were failing with some PHP versions * Dates would not change when navigating back in time * Make sure event preview is not showing unreadable characters (HTML) * Tag and Category names can now contain apostrophe * Remove code related to inclusion in Time.ly Network of calendars (was working only if user opted-in) * Deleting an event instance before saving no longer affects the main recurring event * Event Contributor role now can edit events * Editing custom recurrence dates now displays them in the date picker * Made it easier to detect and interact with events rendering using JavaScript * Rendering proper page while calendar is not fully configured * Made it possible for 3rd party developers to add buttons to event details page .ics feeds can now be edited. * Made it possible for 3rd party developers to add elements to ICS feeds import screen * Made it possible to filter by author * Calendar should load a bit faster due to different JavaScript placement * Allowed Newsletters to include events occuring far in the future = Version 2.2.1 = * Fixed ICS issue where old events were imported when option was not checked * Fixed issue where the map covered other fields when creating a new event * Fixed an issue where events occuring on the last day of a month would appear on the first of the month * Posterboad will now show the event time in the local timezone * Removed browser request to share user's location details = Version 2.2.0 = * Implemented frontend renderring for improved performance * Implemented Google’s new NoCaptcha, a better way of detecting spam bots * Allow users to create recurring events with no pattern by clicking dates in the calendar * Created a new menu item “Organize” that contains Categories, Tags, Venues, and Filter Groups * New plugin that allows filter search by keyword for Hubs * Added the ability to select colours for terms of Filter Groups * Added the ability to map imported taxonomy to existing Filter Group terms * Exposed Filter Groups on the Frontend Event Submission form * Improved JavaScript components loading speed * Created a workaround option for dealing with a bug in Google’s handling of timezones on .ics feeds * Optimized cache usage: regenerating files only when a change justifies it * Categories/tags information is updated during Feeds import * The subscribe to calendar button now drops up, reducing theme conflicts * Made it possible to easily introduce template modifications * Improved display of event dates to ensure year will show * Improved URLs handling when WordPress is upgraded to use SSL addresses * Made it possible to have Powered by Time.ly logo on a calendar * Improved tooltip behaviour and removed them from mobile * Clarified the option to import past events * Persistent notices now contain easily accessible information helping determine the cause and resolution for the message * Improved calendar embedding options by making it more compatible with different platforms * Improved menu labels for Frontend Event Submissions * Made it possible to modify values that are passed to templates * Made it possible to filter upcoming events widget by more values * Clarified where it is appropriate to use JavaScript widgets vs WordPress widgets or shortcodes * Improved database queries performance (affects large deployments) * Improved add-on dependency message * Fixed issue where it was impossible to remove a color from a category * Fixed issue where calendar navigation stopped responding * Fixed issue where on some servers JavaScript was not fully rendered * Improved CSS handling so that it would not be recompiled unless necessary * Improved compatibility with iCalendar applications by removing end time from events that have none * Made it possible to set an end time on events that were previously set to no end time * Fixed an issue where settings translation was not updatable * Fixed issue where the “now” marker in week and day view was missing * Fixed a conflict with the views dropdown and the subscribe button * Fixed issue where multi-day events were displayed incorrectly in day view * Fixed a conflict where WPML and a static calendar homepage resulted in a 404 * Fixed recurring events import: detecting modifications with greater accuracy * Temporary disabled microformatting to avoid conflicts with 3rd party plugins * Fixed an issue where the licence key menu is not available if the add-on has no settings * Next/Prev navigation is present again at the bottom of the calendar * Fixed an issue with date parsing in PHP version 5.2.4 * Fixed an issue where “back to calendar” and “buy tickets” buttons were missing * Fixed an issue where featured image was not visible on the event details page * Fixed a plugin conflict with the popular “Gallery” plugin * Fixed an issue where event footers were not being rendered * In some cases, if browser identifier is unavailable, invalid JavaScript markup was being produced * Make sure timezone setting is respect whenever it’s made in site, or calendar settings * In case of rendering error user will be presented with a friendly message and calendar will try to re-configure * Fixed an issue where LESS would fail to compile on install * Fixed error which was appearing when choosing calendar viewable hours which do not pass validation * Editing event imported from Feed doesn’t break it’s relationship with feed * Fixed issue where custom permalinks resulted in a 404 * Fixed issue where shortcodes used on the calendar page conflicted with Agenda View * When importing events from some calendars meta fields contained unreadable data * Fixed issue where “no end time” could not be unchecked * Fixed an issue where the Google map preview was obscuring the address fields * Fixed an issue where the “Post your Event” and “Add your Feed” buttons were not visible on shortcode calendars * Event detail pages will now always open in a modal from calendars embedded using the SuperWidget * Resolved conflict with the Form Maker plugin * Fixed an issue where an unauthorized user could access the clone event feature = Version 2.1.9 = * Improved calendar feeds import from Google calendar * Made calendar behaviour across browsers more consistent – fixed issue where some of the elements remained inactive after loading * Improved cache handling to allow easier development of child calendar themes * Improved memory handling – some heavy tasks are delayed or not performed * Improved legacy theme detection * Improved notifications mechanism to make informational notices clearly distinguishable * Improved SuperWidget navigation by handling more operations without resorting to rendering in base calendar context * Fixed event limit handling in shortcode – now number of events indicated when creating the shortcode is respected * Removed unwanted URLs from print view * Fixed multi day events display in Month view * Fixed word-wrapping rendering in month view – got rid of unwanted rendering artefacts * Fixed timezone handling on calendar views – unknown timezones are now treated as default calendar timezone = Version 2.1.8 = * Fixed issue where core themes were sometimes incorrectly treated as legacy ones * Fixed issue where some elements in child themes weren't correctly rendered * Fixed issue where event details link was being malformed in some cases * Improved compatibility with some 3rd party themes = Version 2.1.7 = * Fixed issue where a stopping error may have been encountered when 3rd party plugins do not properly use include_once family functions * Fixed issue where address autocomplete wasn't properly disabled * Fixed issue where clicking "Back to calendar" was redirecting to default calendar when a site had more than one calendar embedded via shortcode * Fixed issue where on some browsers and operating systems extra characters were being rendered on screen * Fixed issue where some 3rd party plugins were injecting non-readable data into the event excerpt view * Fixed issue where all-day view was not rendering correctly at all times * Improved print-view to use compact agenda view = Version 2.1.6 = * If an event's timezone is different from the site's it will now be displayed on the event details page * Improved calendar view customization by allowing selection of fonts * Made CSS cached filename unique on every theme save to improve caching compatibility * Improved AJAX failure handling * Improved button layout on HTML4 sites * Improved the UI of the filter bar when empty * Improved CSS rendering in widgets, to avoid conflicts * Improved performance by re-compiling CSS afer changes require it * Made it possible to use area between filter bar and main calendar as a widget area with certain themes * Prevent potential issues with incompatible add-on versions by checking them during activation * Showing add-ons available for All-in-One Event Calendar in a dedicated page * Fixed issue with unescaped HTML in the widget title * Fixed wording - using proper WordPress name wherever applicable * Fixed issue with double-escaped HTML in Agenda view (strange characters in titles) * Fixed invalid constant use which was causing some strings to be not translatable * Fixed event title rendering in a widget * Fixed span class appearing on all day events in the sidebar widget * Fixed imported all day events appearing a month ahead in Month View * Fixed an issue where base64 fonts caused errors with older versions of PHP * Fixed an issue with ics feeds importing past events * Fixed an issue where theme options need to be resaved after update * Fixed an issue where font awesome icons were missing in Firefox * Fixed a conflict with sortcodes and front end rendering * Fixed an issue where an event missing a timezone caused a fatal error * Fixed a styling issue with Select2 fields on the settings page * Fixed an issue where the post your event button did not display on a calendar set with shortcode * Fixed an issue where some calendars displayed extra space below Posterboard * Fixed an issue where certain feeds would create double images * Fixed a navigation issue with a calendar embedded by shortcode * Fixed issue where Agenda View displaed multiple images * Fixed an issue where clicking a link in js widgets did not open the modal * Fixed issue where clearing filters changed spacing * Fixed issue where clearing filters reset the calendar to default view * Fixed issue where in some cases views would not change * Fixed issue where featured images were missing from Streamview in Firefox * Fixed issue where the timezone of events imported from Google was set to UTC = Version 2.1.5 = * Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 4.0 and added new Timely icon = Version 2.1.4 = * Improved context awareness of cache clean-up function to protect from accidentally removing files that do not belong to the plugin = Version 2.1.3 = * Added possibility to keep old events during ICS feeds update * Made subscribe dropdown button mobile friendly * Implemented microformats 2 improving SEO and reducing theme and plugin conflicts * Improved compatibility with JetPack - sharing elements no longer appear on empty pop-over elements * Enabled translation of some previously untranslatable strings * Made it possible to translate view names * Fixed ICS import which was failing due to unrecognized timezones for excluded dates * Fixed pagination in Agenda view * Fixed `the_title` filter to only add hEvent class names to our post titles * Improved cache behavior - no longer stressing when write to file cache fails * Improved cache fall-back to database when faster means are unavailable * Fixed potential error which could have prevented settings from being saved on some systems * Fixed JetPack compatibility * Fixed widget pop-up which was displaying event sharing information in some cases = Version 2.1.2 = * Fixed issue where settings weren't saving in some cases * Fixed issue where permalinks for events weren't working until "save" was clicked in permalinks settings page * Fixed issue where excluded dates from ICS feeds weren't correctly imported = Version 2.1.1 = * Added ability to select mobile specific default views * Improved filter bar layout for mobile rendering * Improved CSS load times by using cached CSS file when possible * Changed single event alias from /ai1ec_event to /event * Allow multiple calendars on a single page * Allow developers to modify values before they are passed to templates * Improved CSS compiling decreasing page load times * When file cache is not available CSS is stored in database and output in